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The main service of Milano Barber Shop. From now on, there is no excuse for not always being well groomed and having a good haircut. From the classic long haircut to the most daring short hair look.

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Beards are trendy and we know that at Milano Barber Shop! The cut should be perfect, both for long and short beards. Also, the hair should be neat and sleek.

It is the details that ensure that the beard always looks perfect. The right cut of the beard makes it easier to maintain.

Skin fade


Premium Shaves

Arreglado Neck Area Correction

Trim short beard

Trim long beard


Do you want to do something about gray hair without making it look unnatural? In Milano Barber Shop we have the solution for you, a sophisticated coloring that, depending on the percentage of gray hair, allows once hairdressers to give you a desired shade in the most natural way.



Curl removal

Shade for gray hair

Hair removal

Today more than ever there is a demand for hair removal for men in barbershops. Providing a quality service is the priority of Milano Barber Shop.

Remove facial hair from your eyebrows, cheekbones and between your eyebrows and keep your skin the way you've always wanted it.


Eyebrow Waxing

Cheek waxing

Between Eyebrows Waxing